Meet Ember Social – the revolutionary way for your dealership to harness the limitless power of social media. Through our unique blend of proprietary technologies, Ember Social can target your customers when and where they are shopping – Even at your competitors’ dealerships!

In case you hadn’t noticed, Facebook is a pretty big deal. The average American spends 40 minutes every day just on Facebook, sharing and “liking” content. Every minute  Facebook users “like” more than 4.1 million posts! By leveraging the power of social media, Ember Social can make your dealership stand out in the crowd of millions.

Ember Social uses three signature strategies to maximize your social media advertising. Our Conquest Ads geofence a specific area to target customers at your competitors’ dealerships. Retargeting remarkets your message to buyers who have visited your website. Dynamic ads pull real time inventory feeds to place in front of identified auto-intenders.

In a digital world, one size definitely does NOT fit all. Every member of the Ember Social team is a social media ninja, trained in the art of driving your dealerships social strategy to the forefront of automotive industry!

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Our strategy

Sample Conquest Strategy

Ember Social can actively conquest your competitionBy advertising directly to the customers who are on Facebook while at your competitors’ dealership. Ever wanted to target someone who is waiting at the finance desk of the dealer next door with an ad for your store?

We can do that!


Sample Retargeting Strategy

There is more information gathered from people on Facebook than any other medium. We know age, gender, interests, and most importantly who the actual In-Market-Shoppers are from Facebook data. We target those exact people with alluring advertising they can’t ignore precisely when they are in the market to buy!

Ember Social


  • We know buying a car takes time. Capture your competitors' customers at the point of purchase with Ember Social's hyper-targeted Conquesting Strategy. 99% of people at a dealership have their phone in hand - and many of them are on Facebook. Imagine if you could get YOUR message in front of people at THEIR dealership! Start the conversation when it matters most with our device-targeted mobile-only strategy!
  • Your Facebook feed is your website with a pulse. Rev it up with our Retargeting Strategy that puts your brand in front of auto-intenders who have visited your site. Bring your buyers further along the purchasing funnel with creative and highly granular retargeting ads.
  • With our customizable, multi-tile Dynamic Ad strategy, you can get more of your inventory in front of your customers. A retargeting ad on steroids, our customizable Dynamic Ads pull directly from your current inventory feed to bring the most up-to-date offers to your customers.

Ignite the Conversation

It’s the newest and easiest way to keep in touch with your customers and have them spread the word about your dealership.

Powered by Moore & Scarry Advertising, SPARQ transforms automotive social media to work for you; generating leads, increasing social response, and positively boosting your online reputation. Simple, effective, and widespread, it’s the solution to the growing question of how to sell cars using social media.

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Ember Social

  • Ember FB / Instagram Advertising
    Monthly Management $695 per month
    20% of Spend One Time Set up Fee $695
  • Ember Sparq Social Media App
    Monthly Management $695 per month
    One Time Set up Fee: $695
  • Ember FB/Instagram & Sparq App combo
    Monthly Management: $995 per month
    One Time Set up: $995
Social advertising on Facebook with Ember Social

Customer service for a

Social Media Generation

The automotive industry speaks a different language. Fortunately… We Speak It Too! Our team of automotive social media experts comes with over 15 years’ combined experience in developing and deploying tried and tested strategies.


Social Strategists

Social Strategist: Your dealership’s guide into the world of social media. Working closely with you, the Social Strategist will create a plan based on your needs, your location, and your budget.

Social Strategists

Social Architects: These are the builders of your most ambitious social media dreams. The Architects have the technical expertise to take the strategy and tailor it to your dealership’s specific requirements.

Social Strategists

Quality Control: You need to know that the strategy is working. Our QCs audit and optimize the effectiveness of your campaigns for reach, resonance, and ROI.

Social Strategists

Social Content Specialists: Social media communications are different to any other platform. Our ad creators – from copywriters to designers – are trained in automotive advertising techniques, so your message will always stand out from the crowd.

Social Media Generation
You're doing it wrong if...
  • You're not doing it at all
  • You think that page likes matter most
  • You're just boosting page content
  • You're only using Polk data
  • You're not being creative
  • You're not utilizing all the tools available
    like Advanced Event Tracking